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By booking a service from our website, you are entering into a contract with the service provider and not with You agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions when you make a reservation.

When you submit your request for service , your reservation details are sent to the service provider and only when he will confirm your reservation the transfer contract between you and the service provide is formed. is a platform for booking and managing clients, intermediary between the user and the company offering the transport service. If you think you have suffered a disservice, you must contact the carrier who performed the service and not

According to our knowledge, all carriers are licensed and insured under the laws of the country in which they operate. As each country has different laws and regulations, we recommend that you purchase adequate travel insurance that covers damages to things and people not covered by the service provider’s insurance

Neither the carrier nor are responsible in case of loss or theft of luggage, lost or damaged items. Furthermore, neither nor the carrier is responsible in case of loss of flight, train, ship, ferry, appointments or any other service coinciding with the booked transfer. We are not responsible for violations that are not directly attributable to us, or caused by accidents, force majeure, or due to legal obligations or administrative requirements.

We can not be held responsible for accidents that may occur during the service, in particular illness, personal injury or death.

Neither nor the carrier is responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from errors or omissions during the booking made online or manually by email or telephone. The user is solely responsible for the information contained in the booking confirmation email; any errors or omissions must be communicated immediately to the customer support who will make the changes and send a new confirmation email

We assume no responsibility and will not pay any compensation if the execution of our obligations or obligations of the transport company is prevented or affected, directly or indirectly by or in consequence of force majeure or circumstances beyond our control, including , but not limited to extreme adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, other causes of force majeure, acts of terrorism, accidents suffered by third parties on the transfer route, police checkpoints, unusual traffic accidents, or union actions.

The user accepts that will not be held responsible for any losses, expenses, direct and / or indirect damages deriving from the use or non-use of the booked services, under any extraordinary  circumstances even if the user has notified regarding special circumstances concerning the journey.

Waiting period

  1. At the airport: 60 minutes from the flight actual arrival time.
  2. Any other meeting point: 15 minutes from the agreed pick up time.

In case of no-show without communication, after the waiting period the full cost of the booked service will be charged.

Any disputes must be handled directly with the carrier (service provider)

All children and infants are considered as adults in terms of vehicle occupancy, regardless of age, and therefore must be included in the total number of passengers at the time of booking.

Payment with PayPal is only possible for bookings that exceed a certain amount and includes an administration fee that will be charged to the customer. Service costs are charged in euros and any currency conversion tool is only provided for an approximate calculation.


By entering into this contract, you tacitly acknowledge to us and the Transportation Company the right to refuse carriage of any passenger who, at the discretion of the driver, may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and those whose behavior can be considered dangerous for the driver of the vehicle, for other passengers or for themselves.

No alcoholic beverages may be transported on the vehicles of the Transport Company for consumption on board. This ban also extends to drugs

Cancellation for purchases already completed, can be made by sending an e-mail to specifying the order number.

It is possible to cancel 48 hours before the departure date indicated during the booking. In this case we will refund 90% of the total  price.

In case of purchase with an advance and non-payment of the final balance, no refund will be made.

All purchases with deposit not paid within 48h before the departure date, will be considered automatically canceled.

After 48h from the departure, no refunds can be received.